Tritone Engitech

Driving Progress: Triton Engitech - A Leading Provider of Cutting-Edge Solutions to Diverse Industries

Triton Engitech is a leading, multi-faceted engineering and manufacturing company, catering to diverse industries with a broad range of cutting-edge solutions. With a commitment to excellence and continuous innovation, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner in various sectors, driving progress and contributing to the growth of the nation’s economy.


Triton Engitech holds a prominent position as a leading automotive component manufacturer in India, consistently investing in state-of-the-art technology and world-class capabilities. Our clientele comprises esteemed global automobile original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers. As a major player in automotive forgings, Triton Engitech plays a crucial role in assisting automobile and equipment companies in meeting rigorous environmental regulations. environmental standards.


Triton Engitech is a prominent player in the power manufacturing industry, offering a diverse range of solutions for thermal, wind, hydroelectricity, and nuclear applications. As a leading supplier, Triton Engitech provides critical components to both conventional energy companies and those operating in the rapidly growing renewable energy sector. Our dedication to innovation and expanding product portfolio has allowed us to serve clients in super-critical power plants and the flourishing renewable energy domain.



Triton Engitech has successfully ventured into the defense sector, providing essential and safety-critical components. We specialize in assembling front and rear axle assemblies for defense trucks, demonstrating our expertise in this field. Additionally, our team at Triton Engitech has designed and developed a cutting-edge towing mechanism specifically tailored for defense trucks.

Recognizing the utmost importance of the defense sector, each and every component we supply undergoes rigorous rounds of quality checks. 


Triton Engitech recognizes the vital role of earthmoving equipment in driving the country’s infrastructure development. These machines often operate in challenging and demanding conditions, necessitating the use of robust and dependable equipment in their construction. At Triton Engitech, we prioritize utmost precision and care in the manufacturing of earthmoving machinery components, ensuring they adhere to the most stringent quality standards.

Our diverse product portfolio comprises a wide range of components, including Rollers, Link rod eyes, trunnions, cap-end covers, and various others.


Triton Engitech holds a prominent position as a key contributor to the oil and gas sector within the country. This vital industry serves as the backbone of the economy, and Triton Engitech has earned a well-deserved reputation for delivering high-technology and superior quality forgings both in India and on the global stage. Our expertise covers a wide range of applications, including surface, deep-sea, sub-sea, and shale exploration.

Equipped with the finest technical know-how, Triton Engitech has secured prestigious contracts from renowned oil and gas exploration companies and their subsidiary organizations.


Triton Engitech takes immense pride in being a significant contributor to India’s largest economic sector, agriculture. We are dedicated partners in the prosperity of our farmers, empowering their endeavors with cutting-edge technology and engineering expertise. Our agricultural forgings encompass a wide array of essential components, including crankshafts, axle shafts, connecting rods, rocker shafts, steering levers, and similar equipment.

With a focus on innovation and state-of-the-art technology, Triton Engitech plays a crucial role in supporting the agricultural community and enhancing their productivity. As a leading force in this domain, we are committed to providing top-quality solutions that empower farmers and contribute to the growth and advancement of the agricultural sector in our country.


Triton Engitech excels in manufacturing critical railway parts that play a pivotal role in the rail industry. We harness the power of advanced manufacturing technology to supply essential components to the mass transportation sector. As a leading manufacturer of railway engine components, Triton Engitech capitalizes on our technological edge and highly skilled workforce to continuously expand our product offerings for this sector.

With a deep understanding of the increasing investments in mass transportation, Triton Engitech caters to the industry’s constant demand for various railway components. Among our specialized offerings are components for bogies, which are integral to the smooth functioning of railway systems.